Veniamin stepanov

Veniamin Stepanov was born in 1941 in the village of Krasnogor in Udmurtia. In 1963 he graduated from the Ural School of Applied Arts (Nizhny Tagil). Since 1964 he has been living and working in Yekaterinburg.

Since 1970 - a member of the Union of Artists of Russia. Main mediums: graphics, painting, monumental art and design.
V. Stepanov's fascination with Slavic mythology, the capacity of its symbols and ornamentation is now developing in a clear presentation of its own artistic language and its own ornament, and such that it becomes not so much a carrier of meaning as "building material". , the color of the walls, all his landscapes and still lifes.

This type of ornament now builds not only the space of each sheet separately, but also the forms and elements of their images and characters, it also has an obvious magic of growth, movement and a bewitching musicality of color and tone. The florist is excellent, beautiful. Having plunged headlong into paganism, the artist found in it the freedom and joy of creativity, found the strength not only for contact, but also for the cosmic nourishment of creation, the vital force of natural unity with everything that is equal to earthly worship. and sky, flower and sun, grass and forest.

Participant of city, regional, zonal, republican, all-Union and foreign exhibitions.

Stepanova's works are in the museums of Yekaterinburg, Kurgan, Barnaul, Chita, Chelyabinsk, as well as in private collections in the USA, Austria, Italy, the Czech Republic, Russia, etc.