Break your heart into the remains of the cake. 22 apr 2022 — 19 jun 2022

makyshki 1822

Compulsive exhibition about absorption methods.

The name itself indicates the process, calls for action, but contains a mistake. Perhaps not very noticeable. The whole cannot be equal to one of its parts. A small piece is not a cake, a capital is not a country, private is not common, red is not pink.
At least that's what we were told as children. An all-consuming exhibition about the compulsive eating of one by the other, as well as the transformation of a large whole into a small private.
The moment in which a vase, cake, heart, or anything else breaks signifies fragility. Such an act of splitting is a manifestation of fragility and imperfection. When a vase breaks, it is understandable and obvious, when the heart or a large system within which we exist, only pain becomes obvious.
A fairly general frame for the exhibition of a particular case of sister artists from Siberia. On the other hand, it allows us to designate the process of poor digestion of the tense situation of a small, unnecessary life on the scale of a large country, which is familiar to everyone.

Thinking about the exhibition, we involuntarily rested on the thought of the very process of creation. For us, the mechanism of inventing is a change in body position, constant snacks, energy drinks, sweets - within the apartment. Our body does not know active movement around the world or country. We are closed in Siberia, in difficult, colonial and dependent relations with the capital.

We cry and laugh that the big Karl Marx is broken into five little Marx actors. And in the final scene of Duck Soup, the Marx Brothers at war throw food in helpless protest.

Our small protest against such a reality and the method of work - beutivandalism, designation, revealing the imperfection of objects and phenomena. Beautivandalism is vandalism inside out, where cruelty, force and breaking the rules are turned into their opposite, where the main weapons are sequins, flowers, pink and cakes. Trying to connect opposites, a fairy tale, dreams and our cruel reality, we involuntarily emphasize one another, turning the gap between them into an abyss.

Recently, we came across a philosophical text by Oksana Timofeeva "Motherland". Love for the motherland as a partisan practice - now we know how to explain why the grass breaks through the asphalt and why we are still making art.

Malyshki 18:22 (Nika and Aksinya Sarychevi) artist sisters from Siberia, live and work in Tomsk.
Education - Tomsk State University, specialty painting and graphics.

Artistic practice is associated with the habitation of new spaces, the identification of conflicts in society through personal sensory experience, the themes of femininity and sisterhood. Usually they work on the contrast of disturbing, heavy and childish, sensual and hauntingly beautiful, the work is based on the method of beutivandalism.

Founders of the gallery in the bedroom "Little", co-founder of the anarch gallery "ars boiler room". Winners of the grant program for artists working in the field of contemporary art at the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art 2021/22.