Contemplate the "Street" through the "Windowpane". 14 jul 2022 — 5 sep 2022

Yuri pervushin

Strikes coming from outside (illness, misfortune, worries, war, revolution) forcibly break away from traditional habits for a short or long time, but are perceived, as a rule, only as more or less imposed "injustice". At the same time, all other feelings outweigh the desire to return to the lost habitual state as soon as possible.

Wassily Kandinsky "Point and Line on a Plane"
Antonov Gallery (St. Petersburg) presents an exhibition of drawings by Yuri Pervushin - "Contemplate the "street" through the "window glass"". On the three walls of the gallery are collected drawings from different years, which can be called rather original notes, drafts or graphic studies, sometimes unfinished, but with a special authentic expressiveness. The drawings themselves seem to represent to our attention the process of direct “artistic thinking”, which is carried out by the artist not only and not so much rationally (according to plan), but bodily (here and now): aloud, visibly, tangibly. Despite their fragmented nature, the rows of graphic sheets line up in a narrative full of associations and offer to reflect on art in its contextual and timeless dimension.

The starting point of the exposition was a quote from Wassily Kandinsky's theoretical study Point and Line on a Plane (1926), in which the artist tries to find the deep foundations of the artistic language. Relying on the main "building elements" of the pictorial form - a point, a line and a plane - Kandinsky discovers the fundamental laws of shaping, designed with the help of art to "find the living, make its pulsation tangible and discover the expedient in the living." Pervushin's graphics in the exposition transform from contemplation and tranquility to a chaotic hardness and nervousness of a stroke, which eventually becomes a blurry spot - dark or colorful. In the impulsiveness and fluidity of social and political events, our state and mood becomes just as chaotic and unstable, in a certain way affecting what is happening around. So this exposition was born in a spontaneous and associative dialogue with current events, quotes read or flashed in memory, experienced emotions, in order to eventually appear as a pulsating “yesterday”, “today”, “tomorrow”.