From Dawn to dawn. 19 jun 2020 — 10 aug 2020

Andrey Andreev

From dawn to dawn. andrey andreev
The coronavirus pandemic that hit us at the beginning of the year is a moment of crisis for the whole world. It marked the arrival of a radically Other — a virus that does not distinguish between gender, race, nationality or age, which, on the one hand, equalizes all of humanity as one species, on the other hand, divides us into those who cope better or worse, who have whether there is resistance or not, who can afford quality treatment and those who do not have basic social protection.
But each of us has this or that degree of infection: COVID-19 has turned from a real strain of the virus into an information virus that affects the media and the Internet, as well as ordinary people and politicians with extensive conspiracy theories, a craving for juggling facts and leapfrog convulsive socio-political sometimes absurd decisions. The politician fighting the virus turns into a meme. Sergey Sobyanin, looking at Putin, now introduces and tightens, then removes quarantine restrictions for Muscovites when the incidence and mortality are still very high. If Trump, at the beginning of his presidential term, associated himself with Smug Frog Pepe (meme "smug frog Pepe"), today, with his ridiculous tweets, who lost the fight against the pandemic, in the face of the most severe socio-political split, he looks more like Sad Frog ("sad frog"). Many European politicians, proud of the formed sense of responsibility among their citizens, are now talking about the insufficiency of quarantine measures. At the same time, it is scary to imagine what will happen next.

Ordinary people burning 5g towers and spreading so-called "fakes" about the creation of COVID-19 in Atlantic military laboratories, as well as philosophers, from Agamben to Zizek, pompously talking about panic, "naked life" and discrimination - it does not matter - everyone is in in a state of total anxiety and uncertainty, and together they form the image of the state Leviathan, helpless today in the face of this very Other.

Andrey Andreev creates an impersoned image of Covid, which is a collective image of humanity in the era of the coronavirus pandemic. This image combines the characteristics of both sexes, and the green color of their skin is reminiscent of the Unicode emoji of the virus and that very Altright frog Pepe. Covids in the blank space of a white sheet are doing the same thing as the heroes of the evening news: interviews, marches, strikes, vaccinates, removes restrictions. Only Andreev, in contrast to the propagandist manipulating the camera, thanks to the Bakhtian carnival inversion, deftly makes them funny and even absurd, reminding us that a slight inoculation with irony will allow us to be more sober about the seriousness of political propaganda.

But at the same time, we must remember that there are real stories of real people behind all of this. Covid's face and body are drawn from life - the girl Vera, shown in the video, posed for them. Upon arrival from Thailand, she, without the slightest discussion, was handed over to Rospotrebnadzor by her own neighbors in a communal apartment. She was placed for more than two weeks in an "incubator" for those who came from abroad - the Zarya boarding house near St. Petersburg. Fear and anxiety, absolute uncertainty about the future is what each of us experiences today, “from dawn to dusk”: just as Vera was not told about the test results and when she would be released, so we do not know the real state of affairs in medicine, no real statistics, no when it's all over.

In any case, a virus is something that can take root, or against which a vaccine can be found. At the very least, the inoculation of prudence to create immunity against the lies and hypocrisy of politicians will definitely not hurt us.

Anastasia Khaustova