Hostel Nohostel - Andrey Andreev's project. 29 jul 2021 — 10 aug 2021

Andrey Andreev, Polina Egorushkina, Maria Sarkisyants, Natalya Timofeeva.

Hostel Nohostel — Andrey Andreev's project. Andrey Andreev, Polina Egorushkina, Maria Sarkisyants, Natalya Timofeeva.
From July 29 2021, for two weeks, the exhibition space of contemporary art Antonov Gallery will become a home (in the literal sense of the word) and will be given to previously unfamiliar people with different professions, life experiences and everyday priorities for living.

“Hostel” is a social project that raises questions of autonomy and boundaries of the artistic field; and the unification of participants by a joint life in the space of the gallery draws attention to a difficult question - is everything art that falls into the context of an exhibition?
Thus, the ideology of the gallery space is formed according to the established principles of Duchamp's axiom: the appropriation of a wide variety of gestures endows them with cultural codes and artistic labels. Such default labeling seems to be repressive and overwhelming alternative perspectives on artistic/social practices in the territory of conventional art. How ethical is the desire to aestheticize and fit into the artistic paradigm profane everyday life and its fixation, alienating the right to independence from artistic content and free interpretation of direct action?

To carry out the project "Hostel" Antonov Gallery suspends its exhibition activities!

An important component of the project is procedurality, exposing social ties within the framework of living together and building communication within a spontaneously educated community. The project borrows the visual language of a TV show: mimicking reality and streaming, the boundaries between private and public are blurred in the digital space, when online resources become a popular form of voyeurism. The camping of the guests is organized and concentrated around the tourist tent and its contents. Such zoning gives reference to the sites of primitive man and draws attention to problems of a communal nature.