painting graphics 14 sep 2022 — 1 nov 2022

kira masumova

The fact that the artist creates images is easily perceived and understood by everyone. But what is the image itself? - this causes some mental difficulty and tension.

Because here the question provokes a plurality of interpretations of this known and unknown at the same time concept.
For example, painting (also graphics) confronts the artist with the problems of originality, objectivity, abstraction of the image. In the work of Kira Masumova, a certain distinctness of the so-called "author's credo" is noticeable, indicating the artist's choice of the direction of his work with the image, the formed goal, the understanding of what an image is. If we turn to the origins of this choice of the artist Kira Masumova, then it is appropriate to recall the thesis of Confucius "not words rule the world, but signs" It is curious that this thought will be expressed absolutely consistently in any case, since the word is also a sign. And if we consider the iconic painting and graphics of Kira Masumova, then their beginning can be seen in her design developments, which she did while working at the Institute of Technical Aesthetics (VNIITE). Already there, her iconic signs were distinguished not only by the informative logic of lines of force, but also by emotional coloring.

This then smoothly flowed into graphics and painting, became the basis of an individual, unique author's style. Peering into this style, one can see the exciting processes of transformation of real objects and attractive (attractive) signs,
filled with meaning and emotions - signs. in which
logic and sensuality are synthesized, habitual and familiar forms of the world around us acquire a new reality, and the art of depiction becomes the art of "sensual thinking". This is the substantive completion of the technique of the artist Kira Masumova, her purposeful desire to reveal the secrets of the visible world for herself, having analyzed and transformed it within the framework of
easel composition with the help of brushes and paints, and fill your work with restrained delight, surprise in front of this world given to us.

A. Stepanov, T. Stepanova