turned into forms. 20 nov 2020 — 22 nov 2020

ivan zubarev

‘’I extend the rules of painting to sculpture. I dematerialize objects using the glitch effect, create layered structure of wire, wax and paint drips. Inspiration comes from the walls that are painted every year utilities right through the dust and old peeling paint. Or metal covered with rusty outgrowths. I am sure that by showing the formation of the image, I make time visible.
Usually there is some leitmotif, it may be an unreliable memory from childhood, a symbiosis of images from history arts or myths, but more often than not, the work itself guides me. This is a spontaneous process and images can mutate so that it becomes difficult to identify them, but the "aura" remains. I create an opportunity to immerse myself in the work and find my own, unique meanings.’’

A young, daring experimenter, a graduate student of the Academy (St. Petersburg State Academic
Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. Repin, Faculty of Sculpture) and a first-year student at the Rodchenko School (Moscow School of Photography and Multimedia named after A. Rodchenko) Ivan Zubarev, as if he is not afraid to build and create new, simultaneously destroying and turning into forms, literally everything: gypsum and glass, fireclay, moss, bronze, wire, roots and wax...

In his sculptures, roots and mushrooms are intertwined with anthropomorphic figures, and sticking out of inverted wax bodies wire is like nerves and veins that refuse to be imprisoned exclusively within the human body.

The ancient Greek classics, absorbed at the level of academic educational forms, begins to swell and collapse, exposing, on the one hand, its birth, on the other, its end.
Sculpture is an image of becoming, hovering in the gap between ruin and metamorphosis to a new person. Painter heralds a future that is predetermined. Can a person, having started history anew, not repeat old mistakes, throw yourself off the pedestal of exclusivity and take care of the other? A question that has never been so acute, but on which must be answered with deed until the metamorphosis is completed.