painting, graphics 28 jul 2022 — 9 sep 2022

Yuri Pervushin.

Artworks of Yuri Pervushin are united by philosophical arguments about the scale of the cosmos and the fact that the entire universe exists according to uniform laws. According to the artist, even the microcosm of a fragile flower can be no less significant than the macrocosm of an entire galaxy. Developing his concept, the artist depicts a sunflower or a dandelion as the Universe.
Some of Pervushin's works are reminiscent of shots from early films by Sakurov or Tarkovsky. Closely, as if under a microscope, the artist studies the objects that surround us in everyday life: fruits and vegetables, toys, memories from childhood, brushes and jars of paints...

Yuri Pervushin seeks to transform these ordinary things and carefully conveys their textures, creating a tactile tangibility of surfaces and inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in the life of simple things.